Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory & Specialty Lab Access


Perinton Veterinary Hospital offers our own in-house veterinary laboratory, with access to a specialty laboratory for advanced testing needs and daily courier service. This progressive approach provides our patients with the finest in diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic Testing for Pets

A variety of diagnostic tests can be performed in our laboratory, but there are a few tests that are standard in wellness care and in the early diagnosis of developing health problems.

Often, we perform several tests together for a complete picture of your pet’s overall health.

The Need for Lab Tests

Laboratory diagnostic testing is almost always performed when a patient is:

A first-time patient, such as a new puppy or kitten, may require diagnostic lab work if symptoms of illness are present. When we order laboratory testing for your pet, our veterinarians thoroughly outline the need for such tests and explain the results to you.

On the Web

Enjoy this video about blood tests for pets.