Quality End-of-Life Care from Caring Veterinarians


End of life is a difficult time for pet owners. The caring team at Perinton Veterinary Hospital is here to support and guide you, with a focus on creating a peaceful passing for your special companion.

Comfort & Quality of Life

Whether your pet is elderly, fighting a chronic disease, or experiencing an acute illness or injury, the end of life can be fraught with difficult decisions and choices. When a cure is no longer possible, palliative care or euthanasia are approaches that require thoughtful consideration. Our experienced veterinarians address these situations with compassion and honesty, answering your every question and providing all available options.

Comfort is our primary focus in determining quality of life for your pet. Whatever age or condition, we explore whether your dog or cat can be maintained in relative comfort, to sustain quality of life. Such palliative care is often a combination of treatments, including both pharmaceutical and alternative therapies.

Effective Therapies Provide Relief

Pharmaceutical therapies range from anti-inflammatory drugs to opioids and local anesthetics. Other pharmaceutical therapies may include antibiotics, diuretics, anti-seizure medications, or chemotherapy.

Non-drug and alternative therapies are often used in combination with pharmaceuticals, to enhance quality of life and provide relief. These may include options such as surgery, rehabilitation, nutritional support, IV fluids, or acupuncture.

For effective pain relief and sustained comfort, we often predict the course of an illness and provide pre-emptive pain support. This way, your pet never experiences uncontrolled pain.

When It Is Time

The decision to end a life is never easy. Our compassionate veterinarians work with you to determine when the time has come for euthanasia. We offer the most humane options for end of life, and provide support for patients and their families until the end.

Contact us if your pet would benefit from therapeutic palliative care.