Nutritional Counseling & Rx Diets for Dogs & Cats


Appropriate nutrition is the foundation of a long, healthy life for our pets. Perinton Veterinary Hospital offers nutritional counseling and prescription diets for your dogs and cats.

Health Diet for Healthy Pets

Today’s producers of pet foods follow the nutritional standards set by the Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO). These standards assure their products contain the proper amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Diets should be chosen on the basis of your pet’s life stage. Young animals’ nutritional needs are substantially different from those of adult and senior pets.

Supplementation of pet food diets is not recommended. AAFCO-approved products offer the right balance of nutrients for proper growth and maintenance. Additional supplementation of calcium, protein, vitamins, and other minerals can be especially harmful to the bone development of young, rapidly growing large-breed dogs.

Nutrition for Disease Management

Specific disease conditions can be better managed through appropriate nutrition. Specialized diets are now available as part of a treatment plan for allergies, arthritis, cancer, gastrointestinal, heart, liver, kidney, urinary tract disease, dental care, diabetes, and weight management.

For questions regarding nutrition and your pet’s health, please contact your Perinton veterinarian.

Pharmacy & Prescription Diets

Our complete in-house pharmacy gives you the benefit of starting your pet’s medication as soon as you get home. We are stocked with a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals used commonly in veterinary medicine that can help your pet recover from an illness or surgical procedure.

Often ready at checkout, our trained staff is knowledgeable and gives instruction on appropriate administration techniques as well as daily recommended doses. Refills are easy and can be called in for quick and efficient pick-up. We also offer home delivery through Perinton’s website pharmacy.

Many pets have dietary needs that can only be met by prescribed nutrition. Our hospital carries a number of prescription diets that are often part of a total health care plan for your pet. Our veterinary staff is able to tailor individual nutrition plans based on your pet’s health needs.