Pet Health Care at Every Stage


Your pet’s health means everything to us! Perinton Veterinary Hospital blends the best of progressive pet health care with a focus on customer service, creating a distinctly personal experience. Our veterinarians offer exceptional knowledge and experience in keeping your canine and feline companions healthy and happy . . . for life.

Pet Health at Every Stage of Life

From gentle handling of your new puppies and kittens to compassionate treatment for senior dogs and cats, your pet enjoys our skilled and thoughtful care throughout every stage of life. We promote health through vaccinations and parasite prevention, tailored to your specific pet needs. As your pet’s needs change from one stage of life to another, we create nutritional plans that encourage proper growth, maintain vigor, and support the immune response.

It’s All About Relationships

We nurture the special relationship between pets and their people by focusing on personal service. Our intimate setting and positive family atmosphere allow pets and people to feel comfortable and respected.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our facility, and meet the veterinarians and staff of Perinton Veterinary Hospital. Request an appointment for your special pet online or contact our hospital.

On the Web

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