What to Expect During Your First Visit


The veterinarians at Perinton Veterinary Hospital recommend scheduling the first appointment as soon as you bring home your new puppy, kitten, or adult adopted pet. While most breeders and pet adoption organizations will have already performed an exam, you want to make sure your new pet is healthy, happy, and off to a great start.

Making the First Visit Fun!

Other animals can be intimidating or even aggressive to strange or young animals. In the waiting room, keep your new pet in a carrier or on a leash to avoid any crisis with other animals and protect from exposure to diseases. If possible, schedule the first few visits at a time when our hospital is the least crowded, to avoid such contact and stress.

Our veterinarians and staff are skilled at creating a positive experience during exam time. If you have concerns about an overly shy or aggressive pet, feel free to discuss this with us. We take the time to advise you on appropriate pet behavior and management, as well as fundamental training techniques.

What to Bring to the First Visit

Please bring any health records or documents you have received from the breeder, adoption facility, or previous veterinary clinic, outlining any vaccines given, parasite treatments, or other pertinent medical information. Please submit the Client/Patient Information Form online. We will add this to your pet’s medical records.

If possible, collect a fresh stool sample for this first visit, to allow us to test for parasites. In addition, bring the name of the food you are giving your puppy, kitten, or adult pet, and the times and amounts you have been feeding. Our veterinarians will advise you about your current nutrition regime and make recommendations if needed.

The First Exam

Our initial exam is gentle and thorough. We weigh and examine your pet, assessing condition of the skin, coat, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, teeth, gums, and overall health. At this visit, we initiate pet health protocols with vaccines and parasite prevention. We will discuss spay and neuter if this has not yet been done, as well as microchipping your pet.

We encourage you to bring any questions you have or topics for discussion regarding your pet’s health. We are here to listen, guide, and advise you throughout the life of your new companion.

Contact Perinton Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment for your new puppy or kitten.